You are the creator was created from two Forex traders that love Forex and have got enough experience to help other fellow Forex traders trade in fair and safe conditions.

The idea was that we would function as introducing brokers for some Forex Brokers and guarantee that our Brokers would be checked on regular bases for being trustworthy. We would also pay competitive rebates. All our clients would receive an updated Due Diligence report for the Brokers they would trade with and we would even involve in case a client would not receive any withdrawal he requested.

We tried promoting the idea, but unfortunately, things did not work out the way we expected and traders did not join 4XAngels.

After some years of inactivity, I decided to be active again. My fellow trader decided not to involve any more and 4XAngels is now a one person website, ready to work with a few clients on a one-to-one consultancy services that involves all Forex Issues, mostly concerning choosing safe Brokers.

I would be glad to receive inquiries from you at